Effect of Shorinjikempo's training

Eliminate the stress that becomes the source of stiff shoulder and all sorts of illness.


Autonomic adjustment and promotion of blood circulation by Zazen (breathing method).


Learning how to live such as sociality and human relations.


Acquire self-confidence on living as well as attitude to respect life.


Learning of self-defense technique with all generations happily.


Training schedule

Please visit us with your family or friends at the time of practice.
You can participate in our practice wearing easy training wear.

※ Children under 4 years old are required to be accompanied by parents.


◎Wednesday 19:30PM~ Urayasu Central Budokan at Nekozane

◎Saturday      13:00PM ~ Exclusive Dojo in Irifune


The training at the central Budokan is an individual use accompanying the Federation coTraining schedulentest etc

※Training time and place may be changed. Please visit the secretariat by e-mail or telephone.
Secretariat: H.Toy
omane 090-9374-2771)/T.
Honda (080-3773-9403)


What's Shorinjikempo

Shorinjikempo was started by the founder Doshin So. It aims to educate of youth, and get the self-defense technique, concentration and good health.                  

Shorinjikempo is not intended to win the opponent, and won ourselves, have established the mind and body and have taken the way to achieve progress in each other.                                                                                                     

In our dojo, various member from youth to senior are training for helping to activation by development activities of local communities.


What's Shorinji Kempo


Six characteristics of Shorinji Kempo

"Ken-Zen Ichinyo" Conversation with body and spirit


"Ken" means the body and "Zen" means the spirit. We use to think that the body and the spirit are separate, but in fact this is not the case. For example, when we were surprised to something, heart pounding or, when it comes to disease also sink mind not only the body, you will not occur willing to do anything. Thus our body and mind are closely related. When the training of Shorinjikempo, We must practice our body and mind at the same time.

Shorinjikempo is only spirit theory and the theory, does not do in order to get the peace of mind by afflicting the body. Practice of Shorinjikempo is extending and cultivating the potential ourself.It is "Ken-Zen Ichinyo"

"Riki-Ai Funi" The way of action, which aims of Shorinjikempo.


Everyone cannot live happily with only love and compassion, but also intellect and strength. When we look at the violence, even if I want to give help from love and compassion, you will not be able to help without courage, strength or power of execution. The power without love and compassion, as opposed to just a mere violence.

In order to win the fraud and evil, you must first assess the good and evil, and the power to determine the situation. You must have the courage to stand up to the power of how to use the crisis. "The justice without the strength become helpless, the power without the justice is only violence".

Power and love, intellect and compassion they have to be harmonized ,so we have to be happy one with peace of mind, and contribute actively for peace and welfare of society.

"Syusyu-Koju" The attitude that aims to improve skills and the personality.


In Shorinjikempo techniques the defence is first. We use the offence technique after the defence technique. Because  Shorinjikempo is the technique to protect the correct teaching and themselves from violence as the idea "Haja".

You should not use unnecessarily from these mental reasons. In addition, to make the posture that does not lose is also technical reasons that it is effective in order to catch the best timing for victory.

"Fusatsu-Katsujin" Respect and alive the opponent .

The technique of Shorinjikempo is not intended to prejudice to the people. It is a technique to protect ourself and save and live the people.

Skills of Shorinjikempo is an effective technique to lose fighting spilit by intense pain. The method is to attack the Key points based on the Chinese medicine with a tradition of thousands of years. In addition, by reasonable skill based on physic, we obtained a great effect with a small force. We have only the goal of aliving mind "Katsujin" first.

"Gou Ju Ittai" Culmination of as selfdefense techniques .

"Gou" means punch, kick, and beat etc,"Ju" means lose etc. These are, as self-defense techniques, integral technique exhibited in each element. There are elements of "Ju" in "Gou", those elements will be one. This I called the integral use of "Gou-Ju Ittai.


"Kumite Shutai" Learning each other for improving.

Training of Shorinjikempo will in principle be done by two people one set. This is to obtain the range between offense and defense including conditions and timing etc.

In addition, We can develop not only becoming strongly only myself but also each other collaboratively. Thus it is lead to the improvement of technique and progress the personality by practice together.